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Featured here is an assortment of images showing a J15 pootling about its business on MONKS ELEIGH, a Scaleseven layout I constructed a few years ago for Michael Brooks, whose recent sad death I reported in the News section.


These locos were typically scruffy and many featured paintwork in a similarly poor state. The tenders were notable for rusting out at seam joins and you may already have spotted the flaked paintwork just below the flares.

Rather than rub down, repair and repaint, it would seem the staff at Stratford shed weren't alweays inclined to follow this routine, preferring simply to paint over the rough bits and send the loco back out to work. So this is an example of trying to create a somewhat poor paint finish to start with before the weathering could even take place.


I've also included images of one of the layout's typical ER buffer stops plus some of the buildings to illustrate how everything, not just the rolling stock, should show signs of general wear and tear.


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