Ongoing lower back issues, of which many of you have been made aware, now make my work painful and difficult to carry out without taking longer breaks, sometimes of several days to recover after a session, which means each weathering task has been taking considerably longer to complete.


I've finally had to accept that my age (73) and physical condition means I cannot continue weathering models to order and sadly must retire as gracefully as I can. 


I shall of course complete any outstanding orders and will keep this site running until the endof January 2022, which happens to be the last day of my annual website contract, hoping to make as many aware as I can and still provide some visual examples of my work for reference or discussion purposes.  After this date, the website will cease.


I would like to thank all my clients, both past and present, who have entrusted their weathering to me and hope we can continue to keep in touch. If you would like to discuss this privately, please email or ring me (details on the CONTACT page) so I can clarify things in finer detail.


With best wishes to you all,


Martyn Welch


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