MONDAY October 30th

I just completed weathering a BR black liveried Masterpiece 45xx Prairie, images of which I've just added to Gallery 1. 


FRIDAY October 27th

Latest task was a light weathering of another Dapol Terrier, an image of which I've just posted in Gallery 1 for you to look at. Makes an interesting comparison with Barry Norman's Scaleseven version featured in MRJ and also to be found in Gallery 1.


SUNDAY October 8th

Latest task involved trying to rescue the paint finish on a GER loco, whose tank sides had become blemished probably from having bubblewrap in long term close contact with the paint. It's quite a frequent occurrence when models are stored in varying ambient temperatures and I've found the best way to restore the paint is with a blend of Brasso wool, T-Cut and meths each of the last two applied with a cotton bud and then polished using a soft nylon brush in the modelling drill.


I couldn't completely eliminate the tiny scratches that also accompanied the patchy blemishes but fortunately they were considerably reduced or minimised by the polishing processes so that any that were still visible when the light was correctly angled, looked quite realistic. Serendipity, I think it's called!


I've popped a shot of it in Gallery 1 and after a very light weathering of the completed model, any marks have all but disappeared - they certainly aren't visible in the very bright afternoon sun on my little diorama.


FRIDAY September 15th

Telford was excellent again and I enjoyed meeting up with so many friends and customers.

Been having a sort out of the workshop and taking a short break away from trains and paint fumes. I'll get stuck into the new weathering book soon and hope to report progress on this in the near future.


THURSDAY August 31st

Just by the skin of my teeth I've managed to complete the weathering of a Lionheart 16T steel open and a Dapol corrugated end 5-plank open. Had a few issues with my air compressors and I feared I'd not finish them in time for customer collection at Telford  on Saturday. However, luck was on my side and everything's working properly once more so a quick photo of the pair posed on my layout is now in Gallery 3 for your edification. 


The 16T is a favourite prototype and I enjoy trying to make each one I weather look different. The Dapol wagon is interesting since it is issued in unpainted natural wood livery, albeit the planks and interior are very cream in colour. I know new planks can be a bit creamy beige freshly sawn but they'd not stay like that for long once in use on the railway. Made a nice challenge to replicate a more used look.


Hope to see some of you at Telford at the weekend.


TUESDAY August 29th

Couple of Lionheart PO wagons added to Gallery 3 today. Aimed for a reasonably smart look but plainly showing signs of wear with paint starting to fade and chip at plank edges.


I'll be visiting Telford both days so give me a nudge if you see me wandering about peering at potential purchases . . .


WEDNESDAY August 23rd

Today I finally completed some extremely delicate weathering on a superb LMS liveried ten coach royal train. That's a lot of coaches and information regarding their typical condition is scant to say the least. There are a few black & white images of such trains but they reveal little of their condition and I've had to guesstimate how well cared for they would have been.


In Gallery 5 - Coaches, I've placed a couple of images showing a pair parked on my diorama in today's bright sunshine but it's really tricky trying to show the subtle nature of their treatment and you may be fogiven for thinking I've not done much to them. The sides we know were kept spotlessly clean in use and even the easily seen underframe components  and bogies were cleaned and tarted up prior to their royal duties. The roofs, being canvas on wood,  attracted soot and grime that embedded itself in their textured surfaces but even these areas apparently kept the cleaners busy as they did their best to disguise their slightly tarnished state.


The entire rake disappears off each end of my layout, thus making them awkward to photograph, which is why I opted to just park a couple on the diorama outside instead. Suffice to say each coach is similarly treated given the train ran as a fixed rake and we have to assume their weathering was universally matching.


Some wagons are next on my bench for abuse so look out for these appearing here fairly soon.


SATURDAY August 5th

I've added a shot of the rake of four Lee Marsh clerestories, that I finished weathering yesterday, in Gallery 5 - Coaches. Beautiful models that required a lot of work to generate the slightly tired condition required by my client. 

The roofs were the hardest to get right - the brief was to suggest how they might have looked about four years after their last repaint so the sides are relatively clean but weathering has highlighted the recesses and door apertures with false shadows, whilst the underframes, roofs and ends are looking a tad less well cared for.


FRIDAY July 28th

I've revisited both Bulleids and have uploaded new images in Gallery 1 to replace the previous ones. Similarly, the 7F's now there but I intend taking another shot of it as I've been faffing a bit more with its finish today and hopefiully it will show a little more character as a result.

Work's started on the four Lee Marsh clerestories and once completed I'll pop some views of them in Gallery 5.


Also, there's a small update on the layout's progress with a couple more views now added to its feature page for your interest. So busy sorting customer commissions that the layout's taken a bit of a back seat for a while - priorities have to be observed as I'm sure you'll understand.


THURSDAY July 13th

In Gallery 1 you'll find two locos that I've almost finished weathering. Just a bit of titivating yet to do on this pair of Masterpiece Bulleids - an original Westcountry and a rebuilt Merchant Navy.

Also on the workbench is an S&D allocated 7F that requires similar abuse and this, with the two Bulleids, will soon be headed to the same client's loco shed.


After completing these I'll be setting about a four coach rake of Lee March GWR clerestories, a Lionheart autotrailer and Dapol B Set along with a gorgeous ten coach royal train that will be very lightly and carefully weathered in keeping with its status. That's a lot of coaching stock to make room for! A couple of tank locos and a cluster of Dapol and Lionheart wagons will follow.


I also need to start on my next weathering book that will differ somewhat from my first because this time it will feature step by step colour photos showing in close detail each stage of the weathering procedures I've found work for me, along with descriptive text. The first book sold extremely well and the publisher felt the time was right to introduce a second volume by me that you will hopefully find as useful. 

Further announcements will be made once I've made progress on this and an estimated publication date along with its expected price will be made public then.