TUESDAY December 3rd

In Gallery 2 are a couple of views of the Lee Marsh 9F previously mentioned that I finished today. Like the first of these I weathered some while back, it's a Tyne Docks variant that differs somewhat from the usual 9F appearance with its extra mechanical fittings. Weathered to specific instructions, it's a large beast that I find interesting to reproduce as it would have appeared in its latter days. In this instance I was working to specific colour photos supplied by my client.

The Castle now on the workbench is to be finished in relatively smart condition, views of which will appear here once done. 


FRIDAY November 29th

An ex-LNER V2 and a B12 have been weathered, photos of which are in Gallery 2 and I'm just finishing off a Lee Marsh 9F for the same customer.

Also nearing completion is a Masterpiece LT Pannier and if it ever stops raining in Devon (!), I'll photograph these outside on my diorama and pop them in the gallery for perusal. However if the weather persists, I may have to take images inside using LED lighting as I did for the two ER locos. Not the same as bright sunshine but sometimes needs must, as they say.


I can update on the 9F and Pannier - shots of these are now in Gallery 2. Note the subtle change in colour with the pannier. Two photos, one taken indoors using daylight LEDs, the other outside in natural light. This is a classic example of how misleading photos can be according to the lighting at the time and why it's important when deciding which shade of red or any other colour a loco may have been back in the day, it helps to know which make of colour film was used and how well the printer adjusted his process too when printing the images in a book or magazine.   


The various models I've recently completed will be passed to customers at the Reading show next weekend, along with a Scaleseven castle and a different Lee Marsh 9F, both of which I've just started. Photos of these will also appear in a Gallery once done.

I'll be hovering around the Masterpiece stand at Reading so if anyone needs to make personal contact, that's where I'll be for most of the day in between wandering around the exhibits.


THURSDAY November 7th

Lightly weathered a couple of Lee Marsh GWR Clerestories, one in traditional chocolate and cream, the other in the earlier red livery, which makes a change.

Images of the pair are now in Gallery 5 - Coaches. Photographed outdoors today on my usual diorama but it was quite cloudy so not perhaps as punchy views as I'd like. Almost impossible to photograph the subtle roof weathering so that you could see the miniscule stains and runs that would have been evident on such well cared for stock. It's so tempting to get heavy handed with coach roofs but knowing my client wanted these in typically clean condition for the period he models, I had to hold back with the grime.


Yet more of Lee's 9Fs have rocked up at my front door and I now have nine (!) of them awaiting my attention. More are expected over the coming weeks so expect to see these steadily appearing here as they're gradually dealt with.


THURSDAY October 31st

A little sad news in that Michael Brooks, originator of Masterpiece Models, passed away last weekend. A little of his history has just appeared in the news section of the Masterpiece website.


Michael was one of my earliest clients when I started doing this professionally way back in 1995, and I've lost count of the number of Scaleseven wagons, coaches and locomotives that I've built, painted and weathered for him during the intervening years. Some of you may be familiar with MONKS ELEIGH, the Scaleseven BR(ER) layout that I created for him, some detail of which is illustrated in the PORTFOLIO section here and upon which all of the weathered stock was destined to run.

He was an interesting fellow who became a good friend over the years and my sincere condolences go out to his wife Miriam and their family. 


THURSDAY October 3rd

I've been lightly weathering a Lee Marsh 517 dressed in its rarer chocolate livery, views of which I've posted in Gallery 1. It will have a revisit soon just to titivate it a little further - really close-up photos can highlight areas that I'm not quite happy with, which aren't so obvious at normal viewing distances, but at least you can see how it currently looks. I occasionally post 'not quite there yet' images for quality control purposes as it's sometimes worth walking away from a project for a while and coming back to it afresh.

A tip I gleaned from my early years as a litho artist in the print trade: If unsure if it's right, hold the item up to a mirror and it will immediately reveal whether or not it needs further work. This was more about lettering and getting the spacing correct between the letters, but I find it can also apply to weathering.


For the same customer, a Dapol PO wagon has also been weathered and a full load of coal added as requested. A shot of this completed wagon is in Gallery 3.


In between weathering work I've slightly refreshened the website again as you can see. Just like to ring the changes occasionally.


The workshop will be closed for a couple of weeks from tomorrow and I won't be contactable during this time, but 'I'll be back' (as Arnie would say) to the usual daily routine immediately thereafter.


SATURDAY September 21st

Finished the GWR dean Goods and as promised I've uploaded two photos of it on my diorama, photographed outdoors today without any bright sunshine to enhance the colours. The images are again in Gallery 2 so you can compare the livery differences.


The request was for a smartly turned out loco but still showing it plainly in working goods duties condition, so evidence of cleaning and maintenance  indicating it as well cared for. They weren't always extremely extremely grubby, unlike their appearance later in their lives.


WEDNESDAY September 18th

After a short break it's back into the weathering routine with another Lee Marsh Dean Goods requested in tired BR condition. I've added a couple of views in Gallery 2 for inspection.

Next up is a GWR liveried version so shots of this will soon appear in the gallery for comparison.




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