THURSDAY September 17th

A pair of Masterpiece Models locomotives have just (figuratively) rolled off the workbench and onto my Dartmoor diorama. Posed in today's sunshine a Castle and 47xx (above) both requested in reasonably smart condition look fit for duty. Paint is drying off and hardening ready for delivery to their owner shortly.

You can find a couple of views of each in Gallery 1.


Up next, a Heljan Class 37 in early BR green livery is currently in the throes of numbering and having a Modelu driver painted and installed in each cab. The weathering will be carried out fairly soon.  


SUNDAY September 6th

A change from the usual and most frequently commissioned steam types to a diesel this week and I've added some views of a JLTRT Class 37 to Gallery 4. One shot is now being used as the head of the page photo. Inspiration for the finish came from a Modern Locomotives Illustrated magazine, which had an excellent view of a similarly liveried and weathered 37 and this is how my customer requested its appearance to resemble.


Also completed is an original (or 'unrebuilt' to use the incorrect parlance) Merchant Navy locomotive required to appear in a smartly dressed fashion. Views of this one may be found in Gallery 1. 


SATURDAY August 23rd

An even grubbier Lee Marsh 9F has been keeping my airbrush busy over the last week or so and again I've added a couple of views of this one in the 9F gallery. The customer asked me to base his upon a specific image he'd found in a book and it is certainly a particularly heavily work stained example. Interesting to note how the grime swirled around the front of these locos, leaving unusual patterns of stains and dusting on the smoke deflectors - in this latest example it was almost orange in colouring and had I not been directed to the photo he'd chosen, I'd probably not have gone quite so far with the weathering colours. 

Just goes to show how important it can be to use photographic evidence if unsure how far to go with the effects.


THURSDAY August 13th

A more grubby 9F was the specific request for the latest commission, a couple of views of which are now in the Featured Models - 9F gallery for your inspection. Newly arrived camera now being put through its paces for these images and future shots. 

The exceptionally warm weather delayed progress on the 9F as I was melting in the workshop despite using cool air fans. Hopefully it will calm down a little now and I can get back on track (pardon the pun).


















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