I sold my Scaleseven Lionheart small Prairie and was asked to add a little more weathering to it, which I've done and a couple of views of it have been upoaded to Gallery1.


I also carried out a renumbering and then light weathering task on a customer's Lee Marsh Patriot that has also been added to Gallery 1 for inspection. This involved very carefully removing the original cabside numbers and route code, which was a delicate task to say the least.

The factory applied numbers are sealed in by them with a (fortunately) very light spray coating of cellulose varnish, so I had to very gently remove this first with T-Cut on a cotton bud and micro brush applicators. Once the varnish had gone I could continue steadily wearing away the numbers and route code until they eventually chipped and faded away leaving just the green paint beneath. 

I continued polishing this to create a shinier finish ready for my favourite Fox waterslide transfers, which were then individually applied and finally sealed in using a light spraying of cellulose clear varnish. Airbrush in one hand and hair dryer in the other to stop the aggressive varnish from puckering up the transfers. Cellulose dries really quickly so the hair dryer prevents it from lingering wet on the surface. Carried out over a two day period, the end result was successful and there's no obvious evidence of the changes made.


MONDAY July 13th

I have an untouched EASY-BUILD Class 121/122 kit for sale, details of which are on the For Sale page (!).

Have a look - it may be of interest to you.


FRIDAY July 10th

The Lionheart Prairie previously mentioned has now been sold.



Still they keep coming - yet another 9F has been given some abuse, this time a Scaleseven one and I've popped a few views of this in Gallery 2. Two more are lined up on my workbench awaiting their turn, after which some different items of rolling stock will be attacked with paints and powders before I must return to the remaining 9Fs I have here. Talking of which, I've opened another gallery just to house the ever increasing list of 9Fs that have clanked their way across my weathering tracks and those yet to be dealt with.


In other news, I shall shortly be posting views of my Scaleseven Lionheart Prairie tank that I have for sale, if anyone's interested. A change of modelling period for me means it's surplus to requirements now.


My email address is now operating again so you can either use it via the CONTACT page, or the gmail address, or give me a call if you prefer a chat.


MONDAY June 22nd

I've finished the previously mentioned 9F and replaced the photos in Gallery 1 with new shots of it.


SATURDAY June 20th

Alternative contact email is: if you find the Contact page security system awkward to use. It's embedded into the host system so I can't alter that.


THURSDAY June 11th

Another pair of Alan Brackenborough hand lettered wagons has been completed, photos of which I've just added to Gallery 3.

As with the last group, I've added various appropriate chalk markings in different writing styles to indicate different individuals' chalkmanship (?), both before and after weathering to vary their suggested history - brighter chalk for more recent shunting numbers and destination instructions. It may seem a bit over the top, but I feel it adds character - whether or not anyone will notice when they're trundling around a layout is another matter entirely . . .



Continuing my customer's freight stock order I've weathered a tarpaulin covered open plus a trio of assorted box vans, all of which carry GW markings. Views of these are in Gallery 3 for your interest. 


TUESDAY June 2nd

Been pressing on with more goods wagons, one of which I've just added to Gallery 3. A Dapol brake van but this one has had some amazing hand painted lettering added by the genius that is Alan Brackenborough. I don't know of anyone else who can hand paint lettering that looks like a printed transfer - he's that skilled. I lightly weathered it as requested and added a couple of chalk markings here and there.




MONDAY March 23rd

With most folk's attention being directed toward the virus and possibly some of you experiencing financial priority changes, unless I'm advised otherwise, I shall continue the weathering work on your models I have here as normal - or at least as normal as it gets under the circumstances. I work from home so there's no real change for me regarding social distancing and I shall keep everyone informed as to progress on their items as usual.

If anyone's concerned about their commissions, for whatever reason, let me know. Plainly I can't now deliver or collect models to or from you at shows as they're all cancelled or postponed for the time being but we can always discuss alternative methods of doing so if you wish. Carriers are still working so I'm sure we can sort things out to suit all concerned.











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