MONDAY February 3rd

The Bristol show, as always, went extremely well and I apologise if any of you tried to see me and found me knee deep in onlookers.  I was kept busy throughout the day with hardly a break to see any of the show myself but I gathered from comments made that folk were impressed with the layouts and varieties of traders present.


The workshop will be closed until March 5th and I won't be able to respond if you make contact during this period, but I shall hopefully be back at the workbench soon thereafter.


WEDNESDAY January 22nd

As mentioned last week, I've now finished the Lee Marsh coach that had to be in a more distressed condition than the early period GWR liveried ones I've tackled previously.  An image is at the head of Gallery 5 - Coaches, with two more views in the main body of shots. These coaches looked quite different with their heavily weathered black roofs, drawing the eye downward to the more interesting coach sides. 

With the 1927 simpler livery (but later post-war finish), it's easier to highlight the door seams and mutiple beading layers that otherwise are less obvious in a clean and fully lined livery of an earlier type. Light touches with a fine brush allow diluted washes of dark black/brown enamel to become trapped in all the recesses of the cream colour or be drawn to the edges of the panelling by capillary action, creating false shadows and emphasizing the cleaner cream parts. These effects are almost wasted on a clean and fully lined version as the eye isn't going to notice them so easily.




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