FRIDAY September 21st

With Telford fast approaching I had to press on with client orders for delivery at the show. One item that differed slightly from my usual tasks was painting and weathering a tarpaulin sheet on an open wagon, an image of which I've added to Gallery 3 in case you're curious. Of course I also weathered the wagon, or at least the exposed parts.


Having come away from Telford with a boot full of assorted stock to add to my 'to do' list,

photos of  these will no doubt appear here before too long. I'm also just completing the photography for another weathering article due to appear soon in The Model Railway Journal. You may have seen my previous one dealing with wooden wagons and this time I describe my procedures when attacking steel wagons, so look out for that when it comes out. 


FRIDAY August 17th

Now the weather's finally cooled down I've been able to get on with more work.

As promised, a couple more wagons have been completed and a shot of two Lionheart tank wagons is in Gallery 3 for inspection.


THURSDAY July 25th

Been suffering a bit with the ongoing heatwave, which despite new window blinds in the workshop and a couple of cooling fans, has made painting and weathering pretty unbearable any time after late mornings. Have to start early and sometimes return to it all late evening in order to get the work completed.

Anyway, a couple of Lionheart coal opens have been abused and a photo of the pair is now in Gallery 3 for your perusal. Further items will appear fairly soon.