THURSDAY July 13th

In Gallery 1 you'll find two locos that I've almost finished weathering. Just a bit of titivating yet to do on this pair of Masterpiece Bulleids - an original Westcountry and a rebuilt Merchant Navy.

Also on the workbench is an S&D allocated 7F that requires similar abuse and this, with the two Bulleids, will soon be headed to the same client's loco shed.


After completing these I'll be setting about a four coach rake of Lee March GWR clerestories, a Lionheart autotrailer and Dapol B Set along with a gorgeous ten coach royal train that will be very lightly and carefully weathered in keeping with its status. That's a lot of coaching stock to make room for! A couple of tank locos and a cluster of Dapol and Lionheart wagons will follow.


I also need to start on my next weathering book that will differ somewhat from my first because this time it will feature step by step colour photos showing in close detail each stage of the weathering procedures I've found work for me, along with descriptive text. The first book sold extremely well and the publisher felt the time was right to introduce a second volume by me that you will hopefully find as useful. 

Further announcements will be made once I've made progress on this and an estimated publication date along with its expected price will be made public then.




SUNDAY June 18th

Thoroughly enjoyed the Warminster event meeting old and new faces.

Back to work tomorrow with more weathering to be tackled.




I shall be demonstrating at the new Warminster exhibition this coming Saturday in the good company of Barry Norman. He and I are sharing a stand to illustrate and discuss the merits of modelling in Scaleseven so I hope a couple of you can come along and join us for a natter whilst enjoying the exhibition itself.


One locomotive I needed to finish weathering in time for delivery there was a BR Standard 4 tank and I've added a photo of it in Gallery 2 if you'd like to take a look. Challenging to create an almost ex-works finish, I hope he'll be pleased with the final result.


See you perhaps at Warminster? 



SUNDAY  June  4th

A rather elegant MR Compound's light weathering has been completed today and there's a photo of this in Gallery 1.


I've updated the Layout page with further images showing its progress -  a change of roofing materials on the loco shed, a sign plus more undergrowth etc. on the platform. This work gets carried out in any spare time I have, mostly  on bright sunny evenings that we've been enjoying recently. 

Interestingly I know several modellers who say they do little during the summer months, preferring to carry out structural and other work on their layouts during the colder winter days and nights, but I prefer to work now when the natural light is at its strongest and lasts longer into the evening.


FRIDAY May 26th

After a short break, I needed to have a general workshop tidy up - somehow I always manage to end up in a bit of a pickle when weathering and layout decorating. Of course now I shan't be able to find anything . . .

I've updated the layout page and will add images of my current weathering commission soon.



Waiting to dry is a set of five Lionheart tank wagons that I've finished today in time for delivery at the Large Scale Show this weekend at Reading. I've popped their photos in Gallery 3 - Freight Stock if you'd like to have a peek.

More items of rolling stock will be finished fairly soon and images of these will be uploaded then.

I've also made a new LAYOUT FEATURE page that will illustrate and describe progress on my Scaleseven layout that I've mentioned in recent times. For the moment it has just a few photos and a brief introduction but as it approaches completion I'll be updating it more regularly.



WEDNESDAY April 12th

In Gallery 2 there's now a photo of a Finney 4700 that I've finished weathering today. Don't think I've done one before so it was interesting to work on, given they're quite long with that extra wheelset and although not one of my favourite prototypes, I don't think it came out too badly after some light weathering.


My customer wanted it looking as it may have done less than a year after an overhaul and 'brush and polish' in the works at Swindon, so the bodywork looking quite clean but with the underframes in their usual grubby state but the light catching their reasonably shiny spokes.  

Swindon's habit of slapping lots of grease on the rods upon emergence from the works to keep them from rusting meant most locos started afresh with oily brown rods and motion - I suspect it's only those seen in preservation that display the bright and shiny rods that so many modellers seem to favour.

I prefer to produce things as they were rather than some idyllic, imagined state perpetuated by the model manufacturers.


Oops - getting on my hobbyhorse again -  now don't get me started . . . !



Four GWR coaches completed today and I've popped images of these in Gallery 5 - Coaches. Also weathered a GWR 'MONSTER'  shown in Gallery 3 - Freight Stock.

I'll be tackling a cluster of the superb Lee Marsh GWR clerestory coaches shortly so seem to be having a bit of a carriage-fest at the moment.


Several tender locomotives sit awaiting their turn to be attacked along with a batch of Lionheart tank wagons and opens, another Dapol Terrier and an 80xxx tank. Busy, busy . . .


SUNDAY April 2nd

After a two week break I'm back at the workbench.  In Gallery 3 I've added a couple of photos showing a BR liveried Dapol 7-Plank open plus a pair of Lionheart 16T minerals completed this week. I have a particular fondness for the real BR steel open coal wagons as their weathered appearance has always been mixed and varied, and that sets me a fresh challenge each time I tackle one. I study lots of colour photos noting the colour variations and try to copy specific rust and damage patterns accordingly. 


I also weathered one of the rather dinky WR 1361 Class tank locos and I've popped a shot of this in Gallery 2 for you to peer at.


Next up are ten GWR coaches of various periods that require treatment to eliminate their shiny model look. Some are from kits and others RTR so an interesting mix to work on.

After that I have an assortment of locomotives awaiting attention so I'll update things here once progress has been made.


In between paint drying, work continues slowly on the layout and I will start a separate feature page for this once I have things looking as I wish. Currently making trees, shrubs, telegraph poles, fencing and trying to sort out some rolling stock from kits as I only have a brace of wagons and some locos to run on it (probably more than I need of motive power) and an article will eventually appear in MRJ once all's completed but I'll be uploading the occasional photo and description here as a teaser, so to speak.


The photo at the head of this page shows part of a scene I recently re-scenic'd on MONKS ELEIGH, the Scaleseven ER layout I constructed some years ago for Michael Brooks, whereas my current layout-in-progress is a WR branchline, again Scaleseven in a similarly rundown state in places, set maybe a week or so before complete closure with overgrown decrepitude in abundance, so not too unlike the photo above.  Probably not the most exciting to operate as stock movement will be minimal at best, given it's representing the final last services before closure and track removal - doubt it will merit more than a casual glance if it ever gets invited to appear at  any shows but we'll see what transpires. Some may find it just too depressing and give it a miss completely, of course . . .


FRIDAY February 24th

In Gallery 5 Coaches  I've popped a couple of photos showing a pair of GWR coaches that I've just finished weathering. Lovely early period lining on these and my task was to show them in typically smart condition, which meant mostly concentrating on their roofs, ends and underframes.

However a certain amount of weathering, cleaning and polishing the sides was also carried out to lessen the 'model' effect that miniaturising of paintwork can have, yet still leave them looking as though they'd been kept clean by human hands. Their white roofs were very prominent and I spent considerable time with airbrush and fine paint brushes, trying to simulate a likely in-traffic appearance.


More coaching stock to be weathered over the next few weeks and a cluster of locos and wagons too.