SATURDAY February 13th 2021

Today I completed two Heljan Class 50s after first applying Fox transfers for the numbers and their etched nameplates. 

They're big beasts, aren't they - and heavy! They've taken about a week each, taking into account the extremes of weather temperatures and dampness that can affect the finish on a model, despite having a heated workshop. 

Much studying of assorted images in books and online in order to recreate the distress patterns and weathering of these locomotives but my customer seems content with the outcome. Couple of views are in Gallery 4 for your inspection.


FRIDAY January 8th 2021

A belated Happy New Year wish to everyone! Hopefully this year we will all eventually be able to get back to some sense of normality, despite the current lockdown situation and worry of an ever increasing casualty rate. I do try to be positive, though, so let's change the subject rather than witter on about it!  


I finished last year's work schedule with a couple of WR tender locomotives that had to be completed before Christmas. The weather really wasn't playing ball and I ended up photographing them inside my workshop using its LED lighting and a little bit of faffing with photo editing software trying to create accurately coloured daylight images. Anyway, a couple of views are now in Gallery 1 if you're interested.


I've been reorganising the workshop as it had been getting in a bit of a pickle and I felt a winter clean up was necessary. Having been found guilty as charged for storing numerous items on a 'just in case they could be useful one day' basis meant stumbling across things I'd forgotten I had, which rather confirmed my initial thoughts that a clearout was long overdue. I still find I just cannot bin some things that I could/might/probably won't find useful at some unknown future date, but I suspect I'm not alone in this conflict. However the workshop is now looking a bit more presentable and any unsuspecting visitor might think I was extremely organised and that it always looked this way. So the ruse may work after all . . .


I must complete an ongoing assortment of 4mm scale items for a customer who doesn't wish it to be illustrated online for security reasons, so I shan't be posting photos. He is the only client whose 4mm scale stock I have weathered for several years and I'm sure most of you know I traditionally only work in 7mm scale and larger, but once they're completed I'll return to the regular 7mm scale stock that is sitting here awaiting treatment. This explains why I've not posted many new images yet this year, but as soon as I have further items done and dusted, updates will be brought to your attention.


















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