October 22nd

Been busy working on another 9F, three vews of which I've added to the FEATURED MODELS - 9F section.

Another pair are sitting on my workbench awating treatment.


October 1st

Having finally agreed upon the finish for both the pannier and a Fruit D wagon, I've uploaded images of these in their respective galleries, replacing earlier shots of them.


September 24th

Following discussions with its owner, I've adjusted and modified the pannier's weathering and made up some warning signs from thin plastikard, painted them red and fitted specially commisioned Fox transfers for the lettering.


This particular loco occasionally worked the Weymouth harbour branch and the signs were often placed on the front, warning pedestrians and motor vehicles to keep their distance. Views of this model are now in Gallery 1 for inspection.


August 7th

Just for a change, in Gallery 1 I've added a few work-in-progress shots of a Masterpiece Models pannier tank, which is currently pending further titivation and adjustment. Doing so helps the owners see how well (or otherwise) the processes are going on their pride and joy and if my interpretations of their suggested finish are as they hoped or if they feel further adjustments need to be made.

It doesn't do me any harm either to occasionally sit back and temporarily walk away from a task just so I can return to it with fresh eyes. I also refer to my previous update regarding photographic rendering of colours or weathering marks that can look misleading in photos. If the pannier, in this case, requires changes to be made, I'll update the photos afterwards. 


July 14th

A batch of locos almost completed today with just some minor titivation to carry out once the paint's fully dried.

A Masterpiece Prairie and a couple of DJH Mickey Mouse tanks, each of which was required in fairly heavily weathered condition. I've popped views of them in Gallery 2. 

When I view the shots on my screen, it helps me to spot any bits that don't quite blend as they should and a couple of areas look a tad patchy in the photos. For example, the Prairie's tank top edge looks decidedly dusty brown in one small area as if I've puffed a small patch of brown from the airbrush but when taken indoors and studied under bright lights, it doesn't look so strong.

I've often mentioned digital images and their tendency to be a tad over contrasty and always impress upon customers to not worry if images look a bit over the top in emailed views as they really won't be when they open the box.


















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