FRIDAY July 13th

A slight change in style and period with an Ixion GW Fowler diesel in typically smart condition, which I photographed yesterday and have popped in Gallery 4-Diesel & Electric for your interest. 

I felt the green paintwork was a little too matt, as issued, and lightly varnished it to be more in keeping with the likely prototype paint finish before starting the  weathering. Below the footplate, things get a little more grubby and oily, though.


Couple of open wagons now on the workbench for treatment and I'll add images of these in the appropriate gallery once completed. This will be followed by an open wagon, whose owner has made a rather nice representation of a fitted tarpaulin cover and my task will be to weather both.


TUESDAY June 26th

Last of the current clutch of 517s completed today and I made the most of the hot weather to add a photo to Gallery 2, which is where they've all been grouped together at the bottom of the page.


THURSDAY June 21st

Back to more 517s and I've uploaded a couple of shots in Gallery 2 of the latest one for your perusal. Modelu pannier crew are resident on the footplate.


TUESDAY June 12th

As a change from the string of 517s that have headed my way for treatment, in Gallery 1 I've just added a shot of an LMS Fowler tank loco weathered in 'smart' condition. More 517s will be appearing here soon.


FRIDAY June 8th

Lee Marsh 517s are coming in thick and fast. In Gallery 2 I've posted a couple of shots of another early period version, which will be running on a friend's Scaleseven layout once it's completed. Shiny brightwork and pretty smart condition overall, was the brief.

More of these lovely locos to follow soon.



Still working on the 517s, along with some wagons, and whilst waiting for paint to dry and harden I've updated my Layout Feature page to explain a little more of what I'm doing or proposing doing with FLEXFORD.

I really don't have much time to spend on my own projects as customer orders obviously take priority but every now and then I (literally) take a breather from spraying and have a quick session fiddling about with layout matters. Not much progress has been achieved, to be honest, but the layout is slowly taking new shape and I hope to share further photos of this as soon as there's something worth seeing.

In the meantime, it's back to the weathering.



Yat another Lee Marsh 517 has passed through my grubby hands and I've placed a shot of it in Gallery 2 for your inspection. This time in earlier livery, the brief was for a well cared for but starting to look a little less fresh appearance. 

Despite using a high end digital camera and extremely high quality art lens,  the subtleties are really tricky to reproduce in photos and customers are usually pleasantly surprised that in reality the results are far more intricate than the shots may suggest.

Well that's my excuse . . .


More 517s are lined up for treatment and further shots will appear here reasonably soon.