TUESDAY May 11th

My thanks go out to those who have expressed concern for my welfare - it is much appreciated.

Unfortunately the healing process is taking much longer than I would wish and my weathering sessions are limited to just a couple of hours a day at the moment. Can't sit for long before the pain kicks in but very slow healing processes are taking place and the osteopath has reduced my sessions to once every two weeks, rather than weekly.

Still trying to sort the 9F and with a bit of luck and a following wind, I hope to show signs of progress with it soon.


WEDNESDAY April 28th

Following several sessions with an excellent osteopath, I'm finally able to get back to the workbench tasks, albeit working for short sessions at a time. I have to go for short walks and carry out other exercises to give my bones a break (pun unintended) or the muscles cramp up and I'm uncomfortable for quite a while. Somewhat annoyingly, it's sitting down where the issues present themselves and since weathering models standing up isn't an option, I'm having to take things slow but steady for a while until everything settles down and heals.


Today I started on another 9F and once that's completed I'll add some photos to the appropriate page for your inspection. In the meantime I'll creak my way to the paints and powders area and cautiously continue the work.


TUESDAY April 6th

Just to be really annoying, I've managed to badly bruise my lower back region stumbling against a cupboard edge in the workshop so now sitting at various positions when trying to paint or airbrush is extremely painful. It will eventually heal but I have to ensure my seated stance is adjusted to compensate and weathering work will have to wait a few days until everything's calmed down. 

Sod's Law comes to mind . . . 



















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