Have a look at the new FOR SALE page where I'll occasionally put items that I'm selling.


WEDNESDAY December 12th

In between exhibition visits, I've attacked a group of American box cars and  coal hoppers, which makes a change from traditional British stock. Shots of these are now added to Gallery 3, if you're interested in having a peep.

With the festivities fast approaching I'm trying to complete a couple of locos for a  customer who treats himself to a weathering Christmas present each year. Hopefully I'll be able to add photos of these to one of the galleries shortly.  

Winter weather with its generally darker skies means being able to clearly see what I'm doing, in terms of obtaining colour accuracy, isn't so easy and I have to introduce artificial lighting to fully  illuminate the work areas. In the summer there's usually  stronger sunlight beaming in for longer through the workshop windows, which provides better quality natural light to help judge colours more accurately.  Worth bearing in mind when you may be painting and weathering your own models.



THURSDAY Novembef 22nd

Changed to some parcels stock this last couple of days and in Gallery 5 I've uploaded a shot taken today of a BR(S) GUV that I've been abusing. 

Where possible I use photos of real vehicles for guidance or inspiration and this green GUV with its soft edged fading and toning was based on such images in my collection.


FRIDAY November 16th

On a very overcast autumnal day in Devon, aside from amending the Prairie seen for sale above, I completed the weathering on a Lee Marsh large Prairie that I've been working on the last few days.  I've popped an image in Gallery 1 for your perusal.


TUESDAY November 13th

I've been weathering a couple of LMS liveried Crabs and taken a quick photo of them on my diorama. Posed side by side you can find them in Gallery 1.


THURSDAY November 1st (My birthday)

Yet another Lee Marsh 517 has emerged from the workshop with its new care-worn livery.

I've added a couple of shots of this to Gallery 2, where it sits alongside others of the same class.


THURSDAY October 25th

Just got my grubby hands on one of Lee Marsh's superb new Dean Goods locomotives.

A pre-production sample arrived with instructions to weather it quite heavily in order to show off the detail, which careful weathering facilitates. Particularly on shiny black paintwork, detail can be lost in the darkness, so working from a photo that Lee sent of a real one in fairly grubby condition I had a go at it for him.

Two shots of it are in Gallery 1. No doubt it will soon become available for those who have ordered one from Lee and I believe a few, in various liveries, will be winging their way to Devon for suitable treatment in the not too distant.


MONDAY October 22nd

I rarely tackle 4mm scale items but I've been busy weathering a few for a friend and having only now just finished these, I've been able to return to my normal work schedule. 
In Gallery 5 I've added three shots of a couple of Lee Marsh GWR Clerestories, the first of which I completed some while back but for some reason didn't post an image here, whereas the other two images show another coach from Lee's stable that I've finished titivating and  today found a patch of better weather in order to photograph it outdoors on my diorama. 

It's interesting to compare two different GWR paint liveries with the second pair having a fully lined finish.