Due to a subtle change in modelling period, I have one of the last Scaleseven Lionheart Prairies to be produced with correct profile wheels for sale.

It has an ESU sound chip on board with authentic sounds specially programmed and fitted by Cliff Williams. He also added a stay-alive just to ensure track continuity at all times.


I've just replaced the smokebox handrails as someone kindly pointed out the shape of their curving from boiler side round to the front of the smokebox was incorrect - it was previously very neat but had too sharp a radius.  Should be looking more correct now, according to prototype photos I consulted.

I'd already weathered the model to suggest a well cared for locomotive, as seen below, but should a buyer wish me to adjust this to a more grubby appearance I would do so at no charge. 


If you would like to know more,  please use the contact page on this site to get in touch so we can discuss costs and I can answer any questions you may have.